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Now available through buyTruckStuff / United Group, longer armrests for your Atlas Premium 70 and Elite 80 Truck Seat. This new version is 17" long, a full 2" longer than the standard armrests.

The 17" armrest kits are sold in pairs. Since these are Sears Seating original equipment replacement parts, the trim will match perfectly.


Before now, moving to the back of the cab was a tight fit that required turning sideways and wiggling through. Sears has a better idea - our revolutionary, patented StowAway armrests.

  • Instantly widen passageways by conveniently folding inboard armrests out of the way behind the seat
  • Gain up to 7" more space than competitors' seats
  • Armrests are wider and longer than standard armrests

No more tight squeeze – research proves it.

An anthropometric study conducted by Bruce Bradmill, Ph. D. with Anthrotech, Inc. shows that fewer than half of the truckers can pass between our competitors’ truck seats - even if they turn sideways.

They have to attempt to climb over without getting hung up on the way. With Atlas seats equipped with StowAway armrests, 100% can pass through - and 87% can do it without turning sideways.

  You Are Here : Home > Sears Seating Deluxe Armrests  
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