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The security of a web site is based on the quality of the payment security provider and the web hosting company. Buy Truck Stuff / The United Group Inc., partners with ASP WebHosting, LLC., Verisign, and Starfield Technologies to provide a safe and secure shopping environment.

ASP WebHosting provides state of the art hosting services for companies such Microsoft, Sony, Johnson Controls, Leggett & Platt and J.C. Penny. All of your account information is stored on a secure server in 128-bit Encryption* format.

Verisign is a world class provider of critical infrastructure services that enable e-commerce service providers and individuals to engage in secure digital commerce and communications. Verisign provides our software gateway to the credit card payment processors. is our domain registrar and the provider of our Starfield Technologies High-Assurance SSL Certificate. It's also the world's largest domain registrar and one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. Our GoDaddy SSL certificate is ahead of the technology curve with regard to cryptographic technology and will support encryption that currently goes beyond the 128-bit standard all the way up to High-Grade 256-bit AES encryption.

When you enter your account information and credit card information on Buy Truck Stuff, it is transmitted over the Internet in 128-Bit Encryption format*. All information is stored in the same 128-Bit Encryption format*. Even if a hacker was able to break into ASP's database, all of the information is useless to them since the information is encrypted. Bottom line - we have done our homework to ensure your information is safe.

Many online stores will choose low budget shared hosting services to save money and this can result in slow performance and poor reliability. Buy Truck Stuff / United Group uses reliable dedicated hosting with secure servers that guarantee Buy Truck Stuff 99.99% up time.

In summary, there is no relationship between buying products on the Internet and stolen credit card information IF the web site from which you are purchasing uses an industry leading payment security provider and a state of the art hosting service. As a matter of fact, your credit card is at much greater risk at your local restaurant than a secure web site. In England, restaurants are actually bringing credit card processors to your table so your credit card never leaves your sight.

*About 128-Bit Encryption

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